what is the honest pricing certification program?

The Honest Pricing Certification program is a way to showcase your commitment to fair pricing and stand against hiding fees from customers. This exclusive program is available to companies with honest pricing and completely free from start to finish. By applying to this program, you’re promising to maintain integrity in your practice and offer the best to your customers.

Our team supports every organization as they make the move toward upfront pricing and encourage all companies to be honest with their customers. It’s not only easy and free to become certified, but helps establish your company as a source for fair pricing. With the free Honest Pricing badge on display, current and potential customers will trust your business to always be honest about the costs of your products and services.

why get certified?

The free Honest Pricing Badge shows consumers and other businesses that you’re one of the companies with upfront pricing and care about improving the customer’s experience. You earn credibility and establish a reputation that resonates with your client base, while at the same time gaining a valuable edge over the competition.

How does the certification process work?


If you believe your company practices fair pricing, fill out the application for free here.


Once your application is received, our team will review your company’s website and notify you if you meet the honest pricing criteria within 5 to 7 business days.

follow up

Our team may reach out with further questions or clarification needed toward achieving the certification.


By accepting this certification, you’re committing to honest and upfront pricing for your customers. In exchange, we’ll display your company’s logo and website as a trusted brand on our website.

Honest Pricing Criteria

To receive your Honest Pricing Badge, our team will inspect your website for the following criteria:

  • Accuracy: Does the advertised price always match the final price?
  • Prominence: Are all mandatory fees accessible and able to be quickly located by the consumer?
  • Authenticity: Do your customers feel comfortable working with you and trust your prices?
  • Commitment: Are there any programs/tools on your website that hold you accountable for the prices you offer?

Apply for the honest pricing certification

Fill out the form below to enter your business for our Honest Pricing Badge. Certification is completely free and helps your business stand out as a fair and honest place to shop.

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