Founded in 2017 by Bret Bonnet and Jennifer Wolanik, People for Honest Pricing strives to change the way people think about online shopping. When Bonnet and Wolanik became business colleagues in 2015, they both shared the same desire to improve the customer experience by showing the accurate final price on every screen. Technology like this was non-existent and it took a full four years before it was fully implemented on their own website. This innovation fueled the development of People for Honest Pricing, which invites e-commerce companies across the country to also commit to honest pricing.

Bret Bonnet

“Without a happy customer and a positive experience, you don’t have a product.”

Bret Bonnet has worked in Sales for over 20 years and has seen first-hand the negative impact of deceptive pricing. An entrepreneur at heart, Bonnet received his BA from North Central College and went on to establish a multimillion dollar company and has served as a key speaker at conferences nationwide. With his passion for technology, Bonnet is committed to finding proactive solutions to common struggles faced by consumers. Connect on LinkedIn

Jennifer Wolanik

“A new normal was needed to create confidence for online shoppers, not just businesses.”

Jennifer Wolanik is a passionate marketer who has worked in the industry since graduating from the University of Illinois in 2009. As a director of marketing, she is constantly seeking new ways to improve the customer experience online. Wolanik has also served as a key speaker at major conferences around the world. The question that drives all of her marketing programs from start to finish is: “Why would the customer care?” Connect on LinkedIn




The co-founders established People for Honest Pricing because there wasn’t enough action being taken regarding the deceptive pricing discussed in the media. Customers were still feeling frustrated over hidden fees when shopping online, and it was time for a change. With 79% of Americans shopping online, Bonnet and Wolanik believe it’s more important now than ever for an accurate final total to always be disclosed on screen. For these self-starters, the time is now to create a new normal when it comes to online shopping.


If you have ever felt frustrated by hidden fees or you’re a company ready to commit to fair pricing, join our mission and help us change the way we do business. Learn more about our cause:

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